Putin Likens West’s Canceling Russian Literature to ‘Nazi’ Germany of ’90 Years Ago’

"The names of Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Rachmaninov are being removed from playbills, Russian writers and their books are being banned," said the Russian president.

Taliban Ruler’s Break Promise on Education for Girls

Afghanistan's Taliban officials have broken their promise on reopening schools for girls above the sixth grade.

Russian Ministry of Defense Blames U.S. Gov’t Agencies, Biden, Soros for Ukrainian Biolabs

Russia's ministry of defense is accusing the United States Pentagon, CDC for Ukrainian Biolabs, as well as Hunter Biden and liberal philanthropist George Soros.

Fertilizer Prices Surge as Ukraine War Cuts Supply, Leaving Farmers Shocked

Smaller harvests loom from Argentina to Indonesia, and developing countries are bracing for higher food costs; ‘It’s like a scary movie’

The White House can’t just wash away the stink of Hunter Biden’s laptop

The White House at some point is going to have to address Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Joe Rogan Calls Out U-Turn on Ukraine Coverage

The nation was perceived as the “most corrupt country in Europe” before Russia’s attack, the podcaster noted

West Virginia Passes Disability-Based Abortion Ban on World Down Syndrome Day

West Virginia's governor signed into law a ban on aborting children based on disabilities on World Down Syndrome Day, protecting millions of unborn children with chromosomal disorders.

Zelenskyy Says Ukraine Won’t Seek N.A.T.O. Membership: ‘It’s a Compromise for Everyone’

In exchange for cease-fire, Russia's withdrawal, and security guarantee.

Churches Nationwide Give Away Free ‘Gas on God’ to Hundreds of Cars Amid Rising Prices

Amid rising gas prices, churches around the United States are helping communities by giving away thousands of dollars worth of gas to hundreds of cars, bringing smiles to the drivers, and infusing hope.

Ukraine-Russia: A Common Sense and Workable Proposal for Real Peace

There is no such thing as a perfect peace.

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