Vaccine Passport

TWISTED: Biden regime wants to mandate COVID-19 “vaccine passport” for all Americans but continues to oppose voter ID

It was especially infuriating to hear Democrats and their left-wing media sycophants regularly accuse Donald Trump of being a “tyrant.”

Vaccine Passports May Not Be Effective in Reducing Spread of COVID-19: Experts

Experts say that relying solely on vaccine passports to allow people to engage in certain activities again is not an effective mitigation tool to reduce the spread of COVID-19, and may distract from other necessary interventions or from the message of vaccination itself.

The Vaccine Passport Propaganda Template

With reports that President Joe Biden’s administration is planning for imposing a vaccine passport mandate in America, expect to see in the media a deluge of vaccine passport propaganda.

British bioethicist: Vaccine passports could lead to ‘unethical coercion’

So-called “vaccine passports” could lead to an “unethical coercion” of citizens, according to the head of the UK’s leading Catholic bioethics center.

Want a Job? Get a Shot!: Ron Paul

Covid oppression will worsen if vaccine passports become more widely required.

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