Crime in Seattle So Bad Postal Service Forced to Pause Deliveries in Certain Areas

Mail theft in an area of Seattle has gotten so out of hand that the U.S. Postal Service has temporarily paused deliveries to the zip code. 

Supreme Court Will Hear Religious Discrimination Case Against U.S. Postal Service

Evangelical Christian former mail carrier from Pennsylvania who claims USPS discriminated against his Sabbath practice on Sundays.

Biden Admin Investing $9.6 Billion to ‘Electrify’ U.S. Postal Service Fleet

This includes a commitment to acquire 100% electric delivery vehicles starting in 2026, as well as the installation of charging infrastructure at USPS facilities and the electrification of 66,000 delivery vehicles.

Jan. 6 Committee Ignores Clear Evidence of Mass Illegal Voting, Systematically Broken Election Laws

In its attempt to blame former President Donald Trump for the crimes committed on January 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol, House Democrats have spent the week focused on Trump’s unsupported claims of widespread election fraud.

More Than 100 Mail Ballots Found Sitting on the Sidewalk in East Hollywood

Authorities are investigating after a Los Angeles woman discovered a box of more than 100 unopened mail-in ballots sitting on the sidewalk in East Hollywood.

Dems Block Subpoena for Hunter Biden to Testify Before Congress

Democrats "refuse to hold Hunter accountable for his shady business dealings," House GOP say.

Exc: ‘Love This Idea’ – Hunter Biden’s Firm Wanted to Asset Strip the U.S. Postal Service, E-Mail Reveals.

President Biden’s son Hunter’s Rosemont Seneca firm considered the idea of asset stripping the U.S. Postal Service, previously unseen e-mails have revealed. The news...

US Postal Service’s Surveillance Program Acted Illegally, According to Inspector General Probe

In April 2021, there was a bombshell report by Yahoo! News that the United States Postal Service had secretly been collecting data on social media made posts by Americans.

USPS Seeks Relief from Biden’s Vax Mandate, Warning of ‘Potentially Catastrophic Impact’ to Service

The United States Postal Service is seeking a temporary waiver from the Biden administration's mandate that will require large employers to ensure that workers are either vaccinated against COVID-19 or that they test negative weekly.

The Occupational Safety and Huckster Administration

OSHA’s role in the mass masking of the American workforce has mostly flown under the public’s radar. However, its expected role in the mass jabbing of the workforce is in the spotlight due to its new Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS).

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