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North Dakota Air Base Warned Service Members Not to Attend ‘Dakota Patriot Rally’

The Minot Air Base warned service members not to attend the "Dakota Patriot Rally."

Pastor to Create Christian Military Academy

Pastor Mark Burns announced that he plans to create a Christian military academy to combat woke ideologies.

Pentagon’s Ukraine Bio-Labs Linked to Mysterious Soldier Infections: Codename ‘UP-8’

Suspicions have been raised by Russian legislator, Irina Yarovaya, regarding the possible connection between U.S. bio-laboratories in Ukraine and mysterious, hard-to-treat infections reported in the Ukrainian military.

General Mark Milley Retires

His successor, General CQ Brown, steps into the role as the second Black officer to helm the Joint Chiefs of Staff, succeeding Colin Powell, amidst the tenure of Lloyd Austin.

Why Are We in Niger?: Ron Paul

The July military coup in the west African country of Niger has once again brought attention to the fact that the US government runs a global military empire that serves Washington’s special interests, and not the national interest.

‘Biden is Calling Up Military Reserves…Are Your Kids Next?’: Ron Paul

Make no mistake, if the US/NATO proxy war with Russia is not halted the next step will be to look at the US Selective Service. That means they are coming for your kids. How long before America wakes up and says “NO”?

Weaponization of Politics, an American Tradition

"Making sure the government is pursuing a policy of peace and free trade abroad is also essential to promoting liberty at home."

Russian General Says U.S. Worldwide Biological Programs Access Epidemic-Causing Pathogens for Potential Weapons

Kirillov explained that, "[Branches] around the world, allow the U.S. military to gain access to epidemically significant variants of pathogens that are potential agents of biological weapons."

‘The Democrats Versus Trump: A Bad Horror Movie?’ (Ron Paul)

"[T]he more false evidence and false charges they cook up against Trump, the stronger Trump becomes."

UK Provides Ukraine With Long-Range Missiles

The missile is a "game changer," according to military official.

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