$500M Obama Library Draws Criticism

Barack Obama is facing backlash for his $500 million presidential library in Chicago. The former president and first lady, Michelle, broke ground on the library in Jackson Park on Tuesday.

‘Dangerous Territory Ahead:’ What a Vaccine-Segregated Society Looks Like for Unvaxxed

The idea that COVID countermeasures might include forced vaccination and vaccine passports, resulting in a segregated society where only those participating in the vaccine experiment would have human rights, was once labeled a wild conspiracy theory — but we are now heading into that dangerous territory.

Poll: 82% Think U.S. Is Divided, Despite Joe Biden’s Promise to Be a More Unifying President

The vast majority of U.S. adults still believe the country is divided, despite President Joe Biden’s vow to be a more unifying president, an NBC News poll released Sunday revealed.

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