‘Gotta Be a New Record’: Joe Biden Appears to Say He Rode Amtrak as VP For 36 Years

Gaffe-prone US President Joe Biden raised some eyebrows as he touted his ‘Build Back Better’ plan on Wednesday in his native hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

‘Cocooning’: Biden Team Created a ‘Wall’ to Guard Him From Unscripted Events, Book Says

US President Joe Biden is famously prone to making gaffes, especially when it comes to events where he is supposed to go off-script. Even...

GOP Hits House Democrats, Demands Newsmax, Networks on Capitol TVs

Two GOP congressmen are opening a new front to "fight back against cancel culture" by working to ensure several cable networks, including Newsmax, remain available in the U.S. Capitol as some Democrats push to rid them from the air.

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