Trans Athletes

Utah Judge Pauses Ban on Trans Athletes Competing against Girls in Sports

A Utah judge issued a preliminary injunction reversing a state ban on biological males who identify as females competing on girls’ sports teams on...

Protecting Women’s Sports from Trans Athletes Is Winning over Gen Z: Rep. Cammack

Preserving women’s sports is a big draw for Gen Z voters, Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) said Thursday during a roundtable on transgender athletes. Cammack, the...

28% Of Americans Believe Trans Athletes Should Compete in Female Sports

40% of poll respondents believe embracing transgender ideology is "good."

Top Doctors Admit Trans Swimmer’s Unfair Advantage

New York Times cites experts from Mayo Clinic.

NYT: Doctors Say Lia Thomas Has Unfair Advantage Over Biologically Female Swimmers

Mayo Clinic Dr. Michael Joyner and sports physiologist Ross Tucker told the outlet that Thomas' very status as a transgender woman is what gives her a vast advantage over biologically female swimmers.

Kansas Gov. Shoots Down Bill Banning Trans Athletes

Democratic Kansas Governor Laura Kelly vetoed two Republican state congressional bills Friday: one that proposed a ban on transgender athletes in girls’ sports and another that would allow parents to challenge Kansas public education curriculum.

Biological Males Shouldn’t Compete in Women’s Sport, Says U.K. PM Johnson

Boris Johnson said trans athletes shouldn't be permitted to compete against women.

‘This Will Be the End of Women’s Sport’: Team USA Master’s Track Star Warns ‘Biological Males’ Are Taking Over

A US world champion track runner is speaking out against  athletes assigned male at birth competing against women, warning that 'if male-bodied athletes continue competing on female teams, it will be the end of women’s sports.'

UK Athletic Equality Group Deems Trans Sports Unsafe And Unfair

In a wide-ranging review, the U.K.’s Sports Council Equality Group (SCEG) concluded that in order to ensure safety and fairness, some sports should consider creating different...

Florida Gov. DeSantis says he will sign ‘Fairness in Women’s Sports’ bill banning trans athletes from competing against females

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Thursday pledged to sign his state's version of a bill to protect fairness in women's sports by prohibiting transgender athletes who were born males from competing against females.

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