Judicial Nominee Says He ‘Hasn’t Studied’ Situation in Gaza

A Biden judicial nominee was unable to provide a statement on the situation in Gaza.

Pro-Palestine Activist Group Publishes Supporter ‘Toolkit’

The activist group "Within Our Lifetime" (WOL) published a "toolkit" to aid supporters at Palestine rallies.

Los Angeles Kindergartners to Participate in ‘National Coming Out Day’

Students are to "think critically about identity and intersectionality," according to an educator toolkit.

Kindergarten-Aged Children to Participate in ‘National Coming Out Day’ in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Unified School District's (LAUSD) elementary schools are requiring students as young as five years old to participate in "National Coming Out Day."

Rep. Gaetz Pushes Forcing Impeachment Votes in Warning to Speaker McCarthy

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz suggested moving to force House votes on impeachment in the upcoming weeks, throwing a warning to Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

St. Louis University Releases Medical Student Toolkit for ‘Transgender Health’

St. Louis University is pushing a toolkit on "transgender health" for medical students.

Zuckerberg Summoned to Florida by State Attorney General Over Human Trafficking Concerns on Meta Platforms

"The findings of our statewide survey and other reports make it clear that Meta platforms are the preferred social media applications for human traffickers looking to prey on vulnerable people," Florida's attorney general said.

Pentagon Tracks Social Media for ‘Embarrassing’ Posts Aimed at Officials

Surveillance involves collecting publicly available data, detecting perceived online threats, and even pinpointing individuals' exact locations.

New York City Rolls Out Robot Police Dog, GPS Tracker, and Security Robot

"The NYPD is turning bad science fiction into terrible policing. New York deserves real safety, not a knockoff RoboCop," said one critic.

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