House Passes Bipartisan Bill Imposes Sanctions on Ports Processing Iranian Oil

In a bipartisan vote, the GOP House passed a bill that imposes new sanctions on ports and refineries that process oil from Iran.

China Holds ‘Strategic’ Discussions With Iran Following Hamas Attack

Chinese Premier Li Qiang touted the “comprehensive strategic partnership” between China and Iran on the sidelines of a diplomatic summit, despite Iran’s patronage of the Hamas terrorists who sparked a devastating conflict with Israel.

Iran Sentences Two Journalists for Allegedly Collaborating with U.S., Covering Mahsa Amini Death

An Iranian Revolutionary Court sentenced two journalists to years in prison for their coverage of the death in custody of Kurdish-Iranian Mahsa Amini last year, state media reported on Sunday.

U.S. Navy Downs Missiles Fired by Terrorist Organization

The United States Navy shot down drones and missiles fired by the terrorist group Houthis.

Pro-Palestine Protestors Attack U.S. Embassy in Beirut

The U.S. embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, was attacked by protestors carrying Palestinian and Hamas flags.

Iran Implements Facial Recognition Technology in Universities

Students have expressed concerns that free thought is on the decline in Iranian universities after officials implemented facial recognition.

5 American Prisoners Released as Biden Admin Gives $6 Billion to Iran

Some Iranian prisoners who were released decided not to return home.

White House Claims Russia, North Korea Involved in Arms Deal Negotiations

According to the White House, Russia and North Korea are having secret negotiations for an arms deal.

Israel Worries Biden Admin’s Weapons to Ukraine Being Intercepted by Islamist Militant Groups

Israeli commander "very worried that some of these capabilities are going to fall to Hezbollah and Hamas' hands."

McConnell Says Ukraine Aid Is A ‘Direct Investment’ Against Putin

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., issued a lengthy statement defending the lethal aid being sent to Ukraine as a "direct investment" against Vladimir Putin's "war machine."

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