Tax Incentives

Top Biden Adviser’s Consulting Clients Stand to Benefit From New Gov’t Spending

White House Senior adviser Anita Dunn has consulted for companies and trade groups that have benefited or stand to benefit from federal funding and is being forced to recuse herself from matters involving them, according to a financial disclosure.

Newsom Tells Hollywood It’s ‘Time to Choose’ California Values

Hollywood's ability to receive tax credits depends on its conformity to California Leftism.

Rep. Frank Pallone Wants 6 Oil Company Execs to Testify About Gas Prices

Rep. Frank Pallone, D-N.J., chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, is asking executives from six oil companies to testify about surging gas prices.

Hollywood leaving California for New Mexico tax incentives

A 35% tax incentive has brought NM $623M from the movie industry this year.

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