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Oregon Instructs Teachers to Dismantle ‘Systemic Inequities’ in Math

Oregon's Department of Education is training teachers on how to disrupt "systemic inequities" in mathematics.

Oregon Suspends Basic Skills For Graduation Requirements, Cites ‘Harm’ to Students of Color

High schoolers in Oregon won't need to demonstrate basic competency in reading, writing or math in order to graduate for at least five more years.

New California Math Standards Emphasize ‘Meaning-Making,’ Equity

The state of California adopted new math standards that prioritize "meaning-making" and equity over traditional problem-solving.

University Faces Backlash Over Research Program Reserved For Non-White Applicants

The University of Minnesota's Office of Undergraduate Studies has faced criticism after opening its paid undergraduate internship program application to non-white applicants only.

Education Secretary Pushes For Ending Corporal Punishment at Schools

Education Sec. Miguel Cardona is calling for a complete end of the practice of corporal punishment at schools.

Oregon Public Schools Lose Nearly 30,000 Students, Switch to Private Education

Since the 2020 pandemic, almost 30,000 students left the Oregon public school system, 5% of its enrollment.

University Offers Excused Absences for ‘Self-Care’

Northeastern University has started giving students the option to have excused 'self-care' days.

Elementary School Forms Lunch Group Banning White Children

An elementary school in Olympia, Washington has created a student group that excludes white children.

Math Education Is Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Says Vanderbilt Professor

"I apply my framework and research findings to argue how undergraduate mathematics education operates as a white, cisheteropatriarchal space that limits learning opportunities affirming of queer of color identities and experiences," the professor says.

Anti-NATO Protests in Paris Led by ‘Les Patriotes’

A large anti-NATO rally was held in Paris, France on Saturday by the right-wing Les Patriotes party, with protesters calling for a review of France's policies towards the US-led bloc and Moscow and denouncing anti-Russia sanctions.

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