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Boston University School of Law Offers Therapy for Students ‘Upset’ Over Recent Supreme Court Rulings

Boston University School of Law has offered students who are upset about the recent rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court mental health counseling services.

Students Protest Catholic University’s Decision to Cut Theology and Religious Studies Major, Numerous Other Programs

Students attending Marymount University, a Catholic liberal arts institution in Arlington, Virginia, are protesting and voicing their concerns regarding school officials' recent decision to cut nine majors and one graduate program, including theology and religious studies.

Silicon Valley Titan Keith Krach Calls for Universities to Divest Funds From China

Silicon Valley veteran Keith Krach recently published an open letter call for universities to divest from Chinese companies involved in China’s genocide against its Uyghur population.

UNC Board of Trustees Protects Pro-Life Clubs Funding

The board rejected student government's attempts to cut off pro-life clubs.

California Students to Have Access to Abortion Pills

A California law requires all schools within the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) systems to offer abortion pills beginning Jan 1, 2023.

NY Judge Rules Jewish University Isn’t Religious, Must Recognize LGBT Student Club

A New York State judge has ruled that the Yeshiva University must approve the creation of an LGBT student group on its campus, even though the...

Ohio State University Student Leader Says He Would Love if ‘Black People Were Taught That They Are Superior’

Ohio State University student leader said during a student government meeting that he would "love" to live in a world where "Black people were taught that they are superior."

Yale Law Under Fire From Senators, Attorneys General for Not Punishing Free Speech Shutdown

Similar controversy at Emory Law School apparently resolved when student government finally agrees to recognize free speech group.

Law Student Govt. Rejects Free Speech Group Because Debate Can Cause ‘Real Harm’

This marks the second time in a week that Emory Law School has become embroiled in a free-speech controversy involving a student-run organization.

Student government petitions University of Oregon to require critical race theory training for graduation

The University of Oregon's student government is petitioning the school to make critical race theory training a requirement to graduate from the learning institution.

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