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Texas Senate Committee to Investigate Financial Asset Managers’ ESG Policies on Public Pension Investments

Committee will evaluate “the investment practices of financial services firms and how those practices affect the state’s public pensions.”

Texas Under Pressure to Secure Its Own Border Against Illegal Immigration Amid Escalating Crisis

The border crisis has reached a point where a growing chorus in Texas is pushing for the state to take matters into its own hands.

100 Texas Republicans Urge Court to Reconsider Decision That Stripped AG of Power to Prosecute Election Fraud

At least 100 Texas Republican lawmakers and party leaders are urging the state’s highest criminal court to revisit a decision that dealt a major blow to the state’s ability to prosecute election fraud and jeopardized election integrity laws.

Texas Lawmaker Files Bill for Forensic Audit in 13 Counties

"AN ACT relating to a forensic audit of 2020 election results in certain counties."

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