Number of Illegal Immigrants in Border Patrol Custody at Record Levels

Over 22,000 illegal immigrants are now in Border Patrol custody.

2-Month-Old Baby Dies From Aluminum Poisoning, Vaccines To Blame

Almost a year after his death, a toxicology report revealed that 62-day-old Sawyer died from aluminum poisoning.

Chicago Police Union President Plans to House Migrants at City Hall

Chicago's Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara suggested last week moving migrants to City Hall to sleep in lobbies and open hallways.

U.K. Fears Chinese Electric Cars Spy on Citizens

“If that car has cameras, they could use the modules to switch on the cameras and take the data. Ultimately you’ve got to ban any Chinese module in any vehicle, and you’d have to do it quite quickly.”

Apple Pursues AI-Driven Health Coaching, Emotion Tracking, Raising Privacy Concerns: ‘Sounds a Litte Dystopian to Me’

"AI can learn to identify vulnerabilities in human habits and behaviours and use them to influence human decision-making," one Twitter user warned.

COVID-19 Vaccines Linked to Tinnitus

As many have reported a loss of hearing and other hearing-related issues following receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, people are calling for an investigation into a link between the vaccine and tinnitus.

Minneapolis Becomes First U.S. City to Allow Muslim ‘Call To Prayer’ Five Times a Day

Minneapolis, Minnesota will allow now publicly allow the Muslim call to prayer at all hours, becoming the first major American city to allow the announcement or “adhan” to be heard over speakers five times a day, all year-round.

Earthing Might Have Therapeutic Effect on COVID-19, 2 Simple Ways to Do It

The term “earthing” refers to making direct contact between the human body and the Earth, allowing the body to absorb the Earth’s energy.

More Parents Moving in With Adult Children Due To ‘Reverse-Boomerang Effect’

While the number of 25 to 34-year-olds moving back in with their parents has been rising since 2021, apparently, so has the reverse trend.

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