Silent Majority

George Soros-Backed DA’s Reelection Sparks Alarm: Austin Police Department Grapples with Staffing Crisis, Leadership Transition

Texas Municipal Police Association stressed, “The recent announcement of George Soros backed District Attorney Hoe Garza’s reelection bid should be an alarm for the silent majority of reasonable Texans."

DOJ Charges Trump with Conspiracy, Witness Tampering Tied to 2020 Presidential Election

The federal prosecution alleges that Trump was bent on retaining his position of power through a scheme that sought to undermine a fundamental function of the U.S. federal government—the execution of the process for “collecting, counting and certifying the results of the presidential election."

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Republicans Don’t Need to Protest Potential Trump Arrest

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said Republicans don't need to protest the possible pending arrest because the "communist Democrats" have sealed their fate.

Toyota CEO Says ‘Silent Majority’ Doubts Pursuing Only EVs

“People involved in the auto industry are largely a silent majority,” Mr. Toyoda said. “That silent majority is wondering whether EVs are really OK to have as a single option. But they think it’s the trend so they can’t speak out loudly.”

The Anti-ESG Crusader Who Wants to Pick a Fight With Blackrock

It was smiles all around as the familiar Wall Street ritual—the ringing of the closing bell—played out again at the New York Stock Exchange on Aug. 10.

1 in 10 Surveyed Doctors Believe COVID Shots Aren’t Safe — But Is the Number Even Higher?

One in 10 primary care physicians don’t agree COVID-19 vaccines are safe, and 9.3% don’t believe the vaccines are effective, according to a survey conducted between May 14 and May 25, 2021.

Longtime Disney Cast Member Speaks Out: ‘We Are Ashamed to Work for This Company’

As the battle between Florida and The Walt Disney Co. executives continues to rage on, a longtime employee of Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando is speaking out, sharing how he and the majority of his fellow cast members are “ashamed to work for this company.”

‘A Terrible Miscalculation’: Disney Employee Running for Congress Unveils Surprising Claim About Fellow Staff’s Views on Parental Rights Law

A Walt Disney Company employee and Florida congressional candidate made a fascinating claim Wednesday, telling Fox News he believes the majority of Disney employees agree with his state’s parental rights law, which Disney has openly criticized and vowed to fight.

Arizona Senate previews Maricopa audit report presentation

(Yahoo News) The contractors tasked to audit the 2020 Maricopa County general election are poised to present their findings to the Arizona Senate on Friday, with an offered preview on Wednesday.

The ‘Silent Majority’ Is Rapidly Becoming the ‘Angry Majority’

The "silent majority" was mentioned by President Nixon in 1969, who labeled middle Americans who weren't protesting the Vietnam war or joining the counter culture — two activities being over-reported by the media of the day.

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