Arkansas Senate Passes Bill Targeting Drag Performances

Legislation likely to pass Republican-led House.

Secret Backchannel Between White House and FTX Operative Revealed, Raises Serious Questions About Biden Involvement

Sam Bankman-Fried, the man at the center of the FTX scandal, is back on US soil after having been extradited from the Bahamas to face federal charges.

The COVID Regime Is Desperate and Unraveling

Like a tyrant’s final days when his guards flee the palace ahead of the subjects’ descent on the redoubt, the COVID regime is in disarray.

The Education Governor: Desantis Eliminates FSA in Public Schools

On Tuesday, Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis announced the elimination of primary statewide standardized tests in public schools after this year.

Christian Universities Need a Reset

Imagine the Christian college industry as a poorly played game of Risk.

Oregon Moves to Make Indoor Mask Mandate Permanent

Technocrats argue “permanent” doesn’t mean permanent.

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