Sex Abuse

98 Arrested in Child Sex Abuse Case, 13 Children Saved

2 FBI agents were killed in relation to the case.

Almost 2,000 Kids Abused by Catholic Leaders in Illinois

The report details narratives from the survivors.

Pope Francis Raises Possibility of Allowing Catholic Priests to Marry, Calling Celibacy a ‘Temporary Prescription’

Pope Francis has raised the possibility of reconsidering the celibacy requirement for Catholic priests, stating that it is a "temporary prescription" and could be relaxed, although he did not believe it would encourage more men to consider a clerical vocation.

‘Teacher of the Year’ Charged with Child Sexual Abuse and Child Pornography

Jacqueline Ma was arrested Thursday and faces 14 charges relating to possession of child pornography, sexual exploitation of a child and "preventing or dissuading a witness or victim."

German Church Leaders Agree To Same-Sex Blessings

A meeting between Germany’s Catholic bishops and lay representatives agreed Friday to call for the church to approve blessings of same-sex unions.

Authorities Rescue 28 Children, Arrest 59 Individuals in Sex Abuse Operation

The FBI Dallas Division’s Child Exploitation Task Force and the North Texas Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force completed Operation Janus in the rescue of 28 children and arrested 59 individuals.

Former ABC News Producer Arrested for Transporting Child Pornography

Former ABC news producer James Gordon Meek reportedly went missing last year and was arrested for sending "images depicting the sexual abuse of children."

Fewer Than 1 in 10 Americans Trust Congress

Fewer than 10% of Americans rate the honesty and ethical standards of members of Congress as high or very high, making legislators fall behind car salespeople and only above telemarketers on a list of almost 20 professions.

‘Zero Tolerance’: Suspension Rate Nearly Doubles For Twitter Accounts Exploiting Child Sex Abuse Material

A cyber security and data analyst funding research into Twitter’s alleged child sexual abuse material (CSAM) problem said Saturday that the platform has nearly...

FBI Agents Who Knelt with BLM Protesters Get Promoted: Whistleblower

Agents in Washington D.C. took a knee when protesters marched past.

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