Afghanistan Women, Girls Pay Price Two Years After Biden Withdrawal Leaves Taliban In Charge: AP

Women and girls have been restricted from public places like parks, gyms, and universities, as well as from employment opportunities with NGOs and the United Nations.

Biola’s Talbot Seminary: New Theology Dean Endorses ‘Woke’ Notion of ‘White Fragility’

Stetzer has defined 'white fragility' as "how quickly white people respond with anger and defensiveness in conversations about race."

New England Journal of Medicine Supports Racial Segregation in Medical Education

This paper's viewpoint aligns with the University of California at San Francisco's (UCSF) attempts to "decolonize the health sciences" as part of their anti-racist initiatives, but it has been met with significant backlash and deemed "morally abhorrent."

Seattle Public Schools Involved in Civil Rights Investigation Over Racial Segregation

The Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (FAIR) filed a complaint against Seattle Public Schools' Pathfinder K-8 School after offering affinity groups based on race.

SF NAACP Opposes $5 Million Reparations Payout per Black Resident

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors discussed a reparations proposal that includes a $5 million payout per black resident, which is facing criticism from the San Francisco National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

U.S. Court Rules Biological Males Can Compete Against Women

USA Powerlifting has been ordered by a discrimination court to allow biological males who identify as "transgender" athletes to compete in the women's division.

LA Times Claims White Drivers Subject People of Color to Environmental Racism

The study is a "stark reminder of the need for climate solutions that benefit everyone,” said LA Times writer Sammy Roth.

USA Powerlifting Forced To Allow Transgender Athletes Compete in Female Events After Losing Discrimination Case

USA Powerlifting must revise its policy to allow trans athletes to compete in the women's category after previously being banned.

Elementary School Forms Lunch Group Banning White Children

An elementary school in Olympia, Washington has created a student group that excludes white children.

Berkeley Professor Asserts Miami Should Prepare for Evacuations Due to Climate Change

UC Berkeley sociology professor, Daniel Aldana Cohen said it is "urgent" to begin preparing to mass evacuations.

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