Rep. Paul Gosar

DC Chief Medical Examiner Submitted Request To Cremate Ashli Babbitt’s Body 2 Days After Gaining Custody Of Her Body

The OCME submitted a request for permission to cremate Babbitt just two days after taking custody of her body, documents show.

Gosar Champions Resolution To Terminate COVID-19 Emergency Declaration In Effect Since March 2020

Gosar and other House Republicans have introduced a resolution to debate whether the emergency declaration should continue.

Watch: Rep. Paul Gosar Asks Former Acting AG Rosen, “Who Executed Ashli Babbitt?”

Arizona House Rep. Paul Gosar (R) pressed President Trump’s former acting US Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen for answers on the death of Ashli Babbitt, who was shot in cold blood by a DC police officer on January 6.

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