EPA Proposes New Tailpipe Emission Standards

EPA Administrator Michael Regan proposed new tailpipe emission standards that may force as much as 67% of new vehicle sales to be electric.

Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff Gets Mocked After Vowing To Fight ‘Toxic Masculinity’

As American men continue to struggle, second gentleman Douglas Emhoff wants to use his platform to denounce so-called toxic masculinity.

Biden Orders Door-to-Door Checks on Residents in East Palestine

President Biden is making sure the federal government is keeping tabs on residents in the city where a train derailment and fire Feb. 3 led to toxic chemicals being released into the environment.

Biden Not Planning To Visit East Palestine ‘At This Moment’

President Joe Biden told the press Friday that he has no plans to visit East Palestine, Ohio following the Feb. 3 train derailment that forced members of the community to leave their homes and continues to pose environmental threats to the general vicinity.

Ohio Residents File Class Action Lawsuit Against Railroad Company Norfolk Southern

Ohio residents filed a class action lawsuit on Thursday against the railroad company Norfolk Southern after a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed in early February and cast a toxic plume of chemicals over the town and polluted the air and water, according to the lawsuit’s text.

Transportation Security Board Releases Preliminary Report on Ohio Train Derailment

The NTSB has released its initial report on the East Palestine train derailment in Ohio, which tentatively supports reports that a wheel bearing severely overheated prior to the accident.

EPA Orders Norfolk Southern to Handle Ohio Train Derailment Cleanup, Pay Triple for Negligence

The EPA has ordered Norfolk Southern to manage the cleanup of a toxic chemical spill resulting from a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, and threatened to triple the cost of the cleanup if the company fails to comply.

Young Medical Student Dies from Heart Attack One Day After Receiving COVID Vax

Regan Lewis was a 20-year-old Kansas medical student.

17 Republican Attorneys General Sue EPA for Allowing California to Set Emission Standards

The GOP attorneys general of 17 states have filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for reinstating California’s exemption from the 1970 Clean Air Act, a federal law that regulates air emissions from mobile and stationary sources.

Did Biden Send Officials to Beg for Oil in Venezuela?

Remember when we were isolating Venezuela and its strongman, Nicolás Maduro? If it feels like only yesterday, that’s because it basically was.

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