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Biden Killed al-Qaeda Chief While Sending $Billion to Taliban

Ayman al-Zawahiri is dead, or at least that’s what Old Joe Biden tells us, and he wouldn’t lie to us, would he? Anyway, while...

‘Victory Over Death Itself’: Why the 9TH of May Is So Important for Russians

May 9 is a special holiday for Russians, and the great attention we pay to this date often seems unusual to people from other countries and cultures.

Supreme Court Sides With Conservative in Christian Flag Case

Boston "violated the free speech clause of the First Amendment," writes Justice Breyer.

Extremists Who Biden Removed From Official Terrorist List Launch Attacks Against Saudi Arabia

A group of Iranian-backed extremists that Democrat President Joe Biden removed from the official Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) list reportedly launched attacks against Saudi Arabia over the weekend.

Ukraine Received 18,000 Tons of Humanitarian Aid in Four Days: Ukraine’s Ministry of Social Policy

Since March 2, Ukraine has received more than 18,000 tons of humanitarian aid from abroad, and the pace of its is growing, according to Ukrainian gov't.

China Seeking ‘Active’ Role in Ukraine War: Top Chinese Diplomat

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Monday his government will “continue resorting to active measures in order to settle this critical situation in Ukraine.”

Boston’s Christian Flag Debate Heading to US Supreme Court

Over the past 12 years there have been 284 flags—from LGBTQ rainbow flags, a Turkish flag with the Islamic star, to Communist China flags—raised on a public flagpole owned by the city of Boston.

Platt’s McLean Bible Church Hit With Attempted Takeover, Lawsuit from Opposition

The suburban DC megachurch’s recent scuffle over race and politics is symptomatic of a broader evangelical rift.

American Red Cross Website Says Vaccinated People ‘Cannot Donate Convalescent Plasma’

The American Red Cross is insisting that individuals who have received the COVID-19 jab "are not able able to donate convalescent plasma."

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