The Spread of Lawlessness in America: A Reflection on 9/11 and Beyond

"Little did we know that this ordinary journey would soon become a life-altering experience."

Judge Dismisses Republican Kari Lake’s Election Challenge in Arizona Gubernatorial Race

Lake is expected to take her case to the Arizona Supreme Court again.

New Jersey Investigates Voting That May Have Altered Local Race

An investigation is underway in New Jersey where double counting may have flipped the result of at least one local contest in the 2022 elections.

Republican Files Motion to Delay AZ Attorney General Inauguration

Abe Hamadeh, a Republican candidate for Arizona Attorney General, files motion to delay inauguration until potential discrepancies in recount and litigation are resolved.

Pennsylvania County to Hand-Recount 2020 President, State Auditor General Votes

Lycoming County, Pennsylvania will begin recounting 2020 votes for president and state auditor general on January 9.

Rep. Boebert Officially Wins Reelection

Colorado Republican congresswoman's victory against Democrat Adam Frisch comes after weeks of recounting.

Arizona AG, RNC File Lawsuit Contesting Certified Election Results

Republicans in Arizona have filed a lawsuit again alleging incompetence from election officials influenced the midterm election results, after a previous legal challenge was dismissed.

Republican Flips Iowa State Seat After Hand Recount, Machine Errors

Republican Luana Stoltenberg has finally been declared the winner in an Iowa state election after multiple recounts, errors, and lead changes.

Democrat Voter Fraud: A Brief History

This is a “brief history” because the complete history of Democrat electoral malfeasance reaching back to Tammany Hall and Tweed would require four volumes or more.

GOP Wins Another Congressional Seat in California

A California congressional district currently represented by a Democrat is sending a Republican to Congress.

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