Puberty Blockers

More Than 8,000 Teens Await Gender Clinic Services in the U.K.

New numbers from the United Kingdom’s largest state-funded pediatric gender clinic show thousands of teens waiting in line for services.

Pediatric Trans Clinic Closes Following Proposal Banning Sex-Change

A pediatric transgender clinic associated with The Medical University of South Carolina has closed following the South Carolina Freedom Caucus (SCFC) filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and proposing a law banning sex-change operations.

School Booted Christian Teacher for Declining to Use Trans Pronouns, Names

A Christian teacher who was forced to resign for declining to use the preferred names of trans-identifying students is suing the school district, claiming it violated her free speech and religious liberty rights under the U.S. Constitution.

Florida Subpoenas Medical, Academic Orgs Pushing Transgender Sex Change Treatments onto Children

The State of Florida is taking a hard look at medical and academic organizations advocating for gender-affirming care for minors, issuing subpoenas to nearly two dozen of them in November, per reporting from The Daily Caller.

American Girl Book Goes Woke, Claims Doctors ‘Assign’ Sex at Birth, Pushes Puberty Blockers for ‘Trans or Nonbinary’ Minors

Another company considered part of traditional and wholesome Americana may have fallen prey to woke ideology. American Girl, which has sold millions of books and dolls to American girls for nearly 40 years, has now released a book that teaches girls that they may not, in fact, be girls after all.

How the American Academy of Pediatrics Is Destroying Children

We’ve recently explored far too many stories about the tragic effects of so-called “gender-affirming” treatments for children, such as have been seen at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Biden Administration Confirms It Wants Taxpayers to Pay For Sex-Change Operations on Minors

The Biden administration supports using taxpayer dollars to fund sex-change operations on minors, Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra confirmed in written testimony submitted to the House Committee on Education Labor on Nov. 29.

Ex-Trans Teen to Sue Kaiser Permanente Over Gender Transition as Minor

Chloe Cole, who was prescribed puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and then had her breasts removed when she was 15, says she will sue the medical group and hospital that facilitated the gender transition as a minor she now deeply regrets.

Tennessee GOP Leaders Introduce Bill to Ban Gender Transition Surgeries, Treatments for Minors

This week, Tennessee Republicans introduced a bill that would ban transgender surgeries and treatments for minors.

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