Pennsylvania Voters at ‘Peak of Mistrust’ After Voting Machines Glitch for Second Time

Pennsylvania voters are doubting the integrity of local elections in the county of Northampton after issues with touchscreen voting devices arose on the latest election day.

Mental Health Organizations Push Trans Ideology in Schools

Leading mental health organizations have pushed their support of transgender ideology onto school counselors.

New York Greenlights Touchscreen Voting Amid Security Concerns

"It’s going to cause a real increase in the lines and the time that people would have to take to vote. It’s insecure. The voter can’t really check and control their own vote. You’re at the mercy of the machine."

‘Critical Vulnerabilities’ in Dominion Voting Machines Make ‘Large-scale Fraud’ Possible with Even ‘Moderate Technical Skills’: Newly Released Court Document

"The ICX BMDs are not sufficiently secured against technical compromise to withstand vote-altering attacks by bad actors who are likely to attack future elections in Georgia."

Georgia’s Election Voting Machines at Risk of Manipulation, Warns VoterGA Founder

Growing concerns about the security and integrity of electronic voting systems.

‘Chemtrails’: RFK Jr. Interviewee Says U.S. Government Uses Military and Commercial Aircraft to Spray Dangerous Chemicals Above America (Watch Videos)

"We don't face global warming. We face what would be scientifically termed an 'Abrupt climate collapse.'"

More Evidence Pointing to Maricopa County Election Fraud to Be Released: Cybersecurity Expert

"There are more videos," says cybersecurity expert Clay Parikh.

Texas AG Ken Paxton Pushes Back on His Impeachment: ‘Illegal’ and ‘Politically Motivated’

"I am beyond grateful to have the support of millions of Texans who recognize that what we just witnessed is illegal, unethical, and profoundly unjust. I look forward to a quick resolution in the Texas Senate, where I have full confidence the process will be fair and just," says AG Paxton.

Hundreds of Noncitizens Registered to Vote in Maricopa County, Arizona

Since 2015, 222 individuals have informed Maricopa County officials that they were registered to vote but did not have citizenship.

Walmart To Close Portland Locations After CEO’s Warnings on Crime

Walmart announced it is permanently closing all of its locations in Portland, Oregon, over financial reasons.

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