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Teenagers Face 10 Years in Prison For Riding Scooters on ‘Pride Mural’

Three teenagers in Washington, D.C. are facing 10 years in prison after they were accused of leaving scooter marks on a pride flag painted on a road.

Pete Buttigieg Says Flag Honoring Christ is ‘Insurrectionist Symbology’

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said the Sacred Heart of Jesus flag is "insurrectionist symbology."

Los Angeles Fire Department Captain Sues After Compulsory Pride Display

Captain Jeffrey Little has sued the Los Angeles Fire Department after it denied his religious accommodation request to refrain from raising the "Progress Pride Flag."

California City Passes Measure Restricting Pride, Ideological Flags on Public Property

Huntington Beach voted to pass a measure that would restrict most flags on public property, striking outrage among LGBT activists.

Tennessee House Passes Bill Banning ‘Ideological’ Flags in Schools

In a vote of 70-24, the Tennessee House of Representatives passed a bill banning "ideological" flags, such as the Pride flag, from being displayed in public and charter schools.

California School District Recommends Resources Pushing Transgenderism

California's Hayward Unified School District (HUSD) in the Bay Area is pushing transgenderism among children through several resource recommendations centered on gender theory.

Senators Urge White House To Fly Pro-Life Flags in Honor of Respect Life Month

GOP lawmakers are demanding the Biden administration fly the pro-life flag on the White House lawn during October’s "Respect Life Month."

Senate Democrats Vote Against Republican Amendment to Only Fly the American Flag Over Government Buildings

Senate Democrats recently voted against a measure that would forbid the flying of any flag except the American flag over government buildings.

Plans Underway to Convert Historic London Building Into Mosque

The building has served a number of different purposes since its 1896 opening.

Black Lives Matter Calgary President and Activist Charged with Assault and Sexual Assault Following Violent Altercation

Adora Nwofor, the 47-year-old president of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) chapter in Calgary, has been charged with one count each of assault and mischief following a physical skirmish last month near Western Canada High School.

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