Federal Government Spent $8.5 Million to Create Podcasts

The federal government spent $8.5 million of taxpayer money to create podcasts promoting left-wing causes, according to a report obtained by The New York Post.

Spotify Renews Joe Rogan Podcast

Streaming platform Spotify announced Friday it has renewed its partnership with Joe Rogan for his top podcast.

Matt Walsh Exposes Fox News’ Alleged Radical LGBTQ ‘Pride’ Agenda With Internal Docs (Explicit)

"BREAKING: We've obtained internal docs from @FoxNews employees," Walsh began.

NPR Axes Four Podcasts as Part of Layoffs

National Public Radio (NPR) will eliminate four of its podcasts as part of a broader series of layoffs that will impact 10% of its existing staff.

The Egg Crisis at Home and Abroad

Americans are running short on eggs, and the eggs that are on the shelf are pricey.

Steven Crowder Accuses Conservative Media of Being ‘No Better Than Big Tech’

YouTuber and host of "Louder With Crowder" Steven Crowder alleged that Conservative media groups are "no better than Big Tech."

America Has a ‘Pandemic of Fatherlessness’ Contributing to Gender Confusion, Suicide, and More, Author Says

America is suffering from a pandemic that is not a virus, it “is a pandemic of fatherlessness."

Disgraced Tech ‘Genius’ Elizabeth Holmes Sentenced to 11 Years in Prison Over Billion-Dollar Theranos Fraud

Elizabeth Holmes, the disgraced founder of Theranos Inc., was sentenced to 11 years and three months in prison over the massive fraud scheme she orchestrated.

California Becomes Battleground for COVID Lawsuits, Legislation Surrounding Minors

In California, a state that has been continuously passing bills surrounding COVID-19 vaccine policies, attorneys are “chipping away at each part of this puzzle,” aiming to educate and empower people one lawsuit at a time.

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