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Millions of People Without Photo IDs Registered to Vote

According to data from the Social Security Administration (SSA), almost two million people have registered to vote without a photo ID.

Rep. Greene’s New Bill Mandates Photo ID and Citizenship Confirmation for D.C. Voters

"Only American citizens should be voting in American elections. That's why I introduced the District of Columbia Voter Identification Act to safeguard election integrity," Greene says.

Law Enforcement Does Not Expect Trump to Appear in Court Until Next Week

Law enforcement has reportedly claimed that Trump will not be called into court this week.

Heritage Foundation Ranks Tennessee Best in the Nation on Election Integrity Scorecard

The Heritage Foundation has ranked the state of Tennessee number one in the nation on its election integrity scorecard.

Federal Judge Upholds Georgia’s Voter Integrity Law

A federal judge has upheld several parts of a voter integrity law that was passed in Georgia.

Missouri Requires Photo ID, Bans Ballot Drop Boxes in Election Law Overhaul

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson signed a new election law on Wednesday that will require a voter to show a photo ID to vote in the coming general...

Supreme Court Rules on North Carolina Photo ID Controversy

The ruling was 8-1 in favor of Republicans' right to litigate on behalf of voter ID laws.

Missouri State Senate Votes to Pass Bill Requiring Voters Show ID at Polls

Missouri State Senate voted Monday to pass legislation requiring a photo ID in order to vote.

Posters With Soviet-Style Depictions of Biden and Fauci Popping up Around D.C.

Posters spotted around nation’s capital with soviet-style depictions of President Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci over vaccine mandates.

Welcome packet reveals concierge travel service for Biden illegals, courtesy of nonprofits

Hotels, free plane tickets, an airport escort and a plea for TSA to skip normal ID check.

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