Paul Hodgkins

Justice Department’s Foremost Felony Charge May Be on Thin Ice

More than eight months after the worst attack on Washington since the Civil War, as Joe Biden describes it, not a single American has...

The Jan. 6th Show Trials Threaten All of Us

he recent felony conviction and eight month prison sentence of January 6th protester Paul Hodgkins is an affront to any notion of justice. It is a political charge and a political verdict by a political court.

Man Who Breached Capitol on Jan. 6 Sentenced to Eight Months in Jail

A man who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 was sentenced to eight months in jail on Monday.

8 months in prison for man who took selfie with ‘Qanon Shaman’ in first Capitol riot felony sentence

A Florida man faces eight months behind bars for participating in the pro-Trump riot on Capitol Hill in January. The man committed no violence, but prosecutors still claimed he took part in a “threat to democracy.”

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