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Alberta Passes Law Protecting Citizens’ Rights Against Gov’t Overreach

Alberta's provincial government passes act to defend constitutional rights, shift burden onto federal government to challenge unconstitutional laws.

Tennessee’s Republican Gov. Bill Lee Passes Legislation Criminalizing Mailing Abortion Pills

Governor Bill Lee signed a bill into law last week increasing the penalty for distributing abortion pills through mail or telehealth programs.

Texas passes law banning boys from competing on girls’ sports teams

Texas’ Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has signed a bill into law that requires students to participate on sports teams that correspond with their biological sex, as determined by the birth certificate issued at or near the time they were born.

Florida passes law to impose hefty fines on tech giants that deplatform politicians

Florida is expected to become the first state to penalize social media companies for banning politicians from their platforms. Proponents have hailed the bill as a victory for free speech, while critics call it a political ploy.

Spain Passes Law Mandating Face Masks Even While Swimming in the Sea

Backlash from holidaymakers who say they won’t visit.

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