Op-Ed: All Mothers Need to Remember Jesus’ Powerful 3-Word Statement

I wouldn’t be here if not for the prayers of my grandmother. She prayed nightly for each of her many grandchildren by name.

Excessive Government Spending Is Dragging Down the American Economy, Analysts Say

A year ago, President Joe Biden was riding the polls with a 59 percent approval rating having just signed what he called the “American Rescue Plan”...

Arizona Republican Candidates Sue to Ban Use of Voting Machines in Midterm Elections

GOP candidates for Arizona governor and secretary of state have sued officials to block the use of voting machines in November's midterm elections.

Doctor Diagnoses Amber Heard With Two Personality Disorders, Reveals During Trial With Depp

Actor Johnny Depp is suing his ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 million over an op-ed she wrote in 2018, claiming it damaged his career.

New Advocacy Group Plans Litigation Against Woke Takeover of Medicine, Research on Its Harms

Do No Harm will tackle race-based COVID treatment but not cancel campaigns against doctors for purported COVID misinformation, executive director says.

Jack Hibbs: ‘The Golden State Has Become the Gangrene State’

The Golden State has become the Gangrene State, with each new day revealing a heightened level of wickedness and putrescence.

Amber Heard on Tape Admits ‘Hitting’ Johnny Depp

Audio recording reveals Heard threw "pots and pans" at Depp, physically and verbally attacked him.

Boston Univ. Professor Says Republicans Are ‘Party of White Supremacy’

A professor at Boston University said in an op-ed that Republicans are "the party of white supremacy."

Disney’s Long History of Being Boycotted

The recent boycott of The Walt Disney Company is nothing new to the multi-billion dollar enterprise, carrying a history of hidden sexualized references and organizations attempting to ban them.

Christians in Lands of Persecution Fear Attacks on Easter

"526 Christians have lost their lives while celebrating Easter over the past seven years."

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