Unlike Prior Generations, Analysis Shows Millennials Are Not Getting More Conservative as They Age

A recent study revealed that millennial voters, both in the U.S. and the U.K., are not following the typical rule that as people get older they become more conservative, but instead becoming more liberal over time.

Biblical Archaeology’s Top 10 Discoveries of 2022

Biblical archaeology is a slow process.

Nearly 60% Of Voters Don’t Want Biden in 2024

A Newsweek poll discovered almost 60% of American voters do not want Biden to seek a second presidential bid.

Children Avoid School Bathrooms Due to Transgender Policy

Parents are suing the school board of Bethel, Ohio over a transgender policy saying children can use that which corresponds with their gender identity.

Kanye West: Nobody More Censored Than a ‘Straight White Male’

During a recent interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored, Ye, the musician and fashion designer formerly known as Kanye West, stated that he sympathizes with “straight white males” as they have the smallest media platform on which to express themselves.

Medical Misdiagnosis, a Leading Cause of U.S. Deaths, Adds Billions to Health Care Costs

The prospect of walking into a hospital or clinic and receiving a misdiagnosis is something that fills most patients with dread.

Democrats Eye Younger Candidates Over ‘Dinosaurs’ to Run In 2024

As both parties are focusing all their efforts on getting voters to the polls next month, some Democrats are already eyeing the 2024 election, quietly sniffing out younger candidates to take over the party’s helm.

Bill Maher Says Biden Should Replace Harris as Running Mate if He Runs in 2024

Comedian and political commentator Bill Maher predicted President Joe Biden “is not giving up” when it comes to a reelection bid for the White House but...

New York Attorney General Suing Oldest Trump Children

Trump's children are being sued over property evaluation.

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