New York May Soon Require COVID Vax for All Schoolchildren

New York parents, it should come as no surprise that legislation is currently before the Assembly and in committee requiring the COVID “vaccine” to be forced onto all children in schools.

Netflix Shutting Down Two More Kids’ Shows

As consumers dump their Netflix subscriptions, the far-left streamer is reportedly stopping the production of two more animated kids’ series.

‘Mandate Masks’: Activists Sing Pro-mask Nursery Rhyme in Manhattan

A group of about a dozen demonstrators held a protest in favor of mandatory masking outside the New York Department of Education building on Wednesday. The crowd sang a pro-mask nursery rhyme in hopes that New York Mayor Eric Adams would re-up the city’s school mask mandate.

U.S. Teacher Training Org Is Partnered With A Chinese Communist Group Promoting ‘Socialist’ Nursery Rhymes

The Erikson Institute – one of America’s premier graduate schools training teachers and influencing classroom curricula – is engaged in a “long-term cooperative relationship” with a Chinese Communist Party group overseeing the regime’s Communist Youth League and publishing books including “nursery rhymes embodying the core values of socialism” and magazines praising Xi Jinping and Karl Marx, The National Pulse can reveal.

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