U.K. Confirms Supply of Depleted Uranium Munitions to Ukraine Amid Russian Warnings

"We have sent thousands of rounds of Challenger 2 ammunition to Ukraine, including depleted uranium armour-piercing rounds. For operational security reasons, we will not comment on Ukrainian usage rates for the rounds provided," says British Armed Forces Minister.

Xi, Zelensky Speak by Phone in First Known Call Since War Started

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky claimed the phone call was "long and meaningful."

Trump Says He is the Only 2024 Presidential Candidate Who Can ‘Prevent World War III’

Former President Donald Trump claimed that he is the only 2024 presidential candidate who can “prevent World War III.”

Former Biden Official to Have Mental Health Evaluation After Escaping Jail Time

Samuel Brinton, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Department of Energy's Office of Nuclear Energy, is to have a mental health evaluation after stealing luggage from an airport and avoiding incarceration.

Gaetz Introduces Resolution Requiring Biden to Give House Information on U.S Military in Ukraine

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) introduced a resolution forcing Biden to give the House documents pertaining to US military assistance in Ukraine.

U.S. Air Force National Guard Member Accused of Leaking Classified Documents Appears in Court

Convictions for willful transmission of national defense information carry a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

U.S. Military Presence Confirmed at Ukraine Embassy

U.S. military presence at the Kyiv embassy underscores American involvement in Ukraine, providing security and assisting with accountability of materials.

Courthouse Administrators Apologized, Were ‘Actually Crying’ During Trump’s Arraignment: Tucker Carlson Interview

The 45th president of the United States discussed matters from the Nord Stream pipeline to Joe Biden with the Fox News host.

U.S. Increases Presence In The Middle East Amid Tensions With Iran

Officials have confirmed Saturday that the U.S. Navy has deployed a nuclear-powered guided-missile submarine to the Middle East.

Trump Hits DeSantis for ‘Ignorant’ Remarks on Putin, Claims He Alone Can Prevent World War III (Video)

Former President Donald Trump released a video on his Truth Social platform, criticizing Governor Ron DeSantis for his comments on Russia and Vladimir Putin, claiming that DeSantis' "ignorant and foolish" rhetoric could lead to nuclear war, and declaring himself the only candidate who can prevent World War III.

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