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‘Zero Leads’ in Search for Illegal Immigrant Mass Murderer Who Killed 5, Including Child

Law enforcement is searching for Francisco Oropesa Perez-Torres, a man accused of killing five of his neighbors in Cleveland, Texas, including a 9-year-old boy, on Friday.

Senator Josh Hawley Calls For ‘Full-Scale’ FBI Probe Into Over 80,000 Migrant Children Missing Under Biden

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) called on FBI Director Chris Wray to launch an investigation into nearly 85,000 migrant children who have been released into the United States under President Biden.

Tucker Carlson Fired by Fox Corp’s Lachlan Murdoch: NYT

Lachlan Murdoch is Fox Corporation's CEO.

World Wealth Manager, WEF Partner BlackRock Increased Stake in Fox Corp Two Months Before Tucker Carlson Ouster

In February 2023, BlackRock announced that it had increased its investments in Class A Fox Corporation stock to 15%.

DeSantis Partially Dismisses 2024 Presidential Race Speculations

"I'm not a candidate, so we'll see if and when that changes."

Hillary Clinton Says Republicans Are ‘Playing Into the Hands’ of Russia, China

Hillary Clinton criticizes House Republicans for using the debt ceiling as a political weapon, warning that it undermines the U.S.'s global credibility and plays into the hands of adversaries like Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, and warns of the potential danger of playing games with the debt ceiling to the U.S. dollar's pre-eminent position in the global economy.

Biden Admin Loses Contact With 85,000 Migrant Children

The Biden official could not account for the children's whereabouts.

U.S. Air Force National Guard Member Accused of Leaking Classified Documents Appears in Court

Convictions for willful transmission of national defense information carry a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

U.S. Air Force National Guard Employee Arrested for Leaking Classified Information

The FBI confirmed the arrest and the ongoing "authorized law enforcement activity at a residence in North Dighton, Massachusetts."

Tennessee Governor for Red Flag Law, Changing Stance on Gun Control

“This is not the answer,” Gov. Lee said. “This is an appropriate step.”

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