U.N. Security Council Passes Biden’s Ceasefire Resolution

The United Nations Security Council voted in favor of a ceasefire resolution led by President Joe Biden.

Global Leaders Issue Joint Statement for Israel, Hamas Ceasefire

Seventeen countries issued a joint statement calling for a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel.

WHO Issues Warning After Bird Flu Allegedly Jumps to Humans

The World Health Organization (WHO) issued a warning after a new strain of bird flu, H5N2, allegedly jumped to humans.

WHO Moves Forward with Amended International Health Regulations

The World Health Organization (WHO) passed updated International Health Regulations (IHR), although it failed to agree on a final draft of the "Pandemic Agreement."

U.S. Funding of Moderna Bird Flu Vaccine Expected Prior to Election

Some believe federal funding for a late-stage trial for Moderna's mRNA bird flu vaccine could occur as early as next month.

Biden Blames GOP for Border Crisis While Signing Executive Order

In response to the growing worry among voters about immigration in the 2024 presidential contest, President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Tuesday...

‘All Eyes on Rafah’ Campaign Gains Momentum Amid Israeli Offensive

As Israeli troops continue their ground offensive on Rafah in the Gaza Strip, a campaign with the slogan "All Eyes on Rafah" has gained...

Moderna, Pfizer Developing Bird Flu Vaccine: Report

A recent report from Barron's details that vaccine developers Moderna and Pfizer are likely creating an avian flu vaccine.

United States to Play Major Role in Gaza Stabilization with Appointed Adviser

The Biden administration is considering appointing a U.S. official as the top civilian adviser to a predominantly Palestinian force once the Israel-Hamas conflict ends,...

Republican Split Sinks Border Security Legislation for Second Time

The Senate rejected a border security package on Thursday for the second time, following pressure from former President Donald Trump, who didn't want to...

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