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Boston University COVID Testing Policy Violated Americans With Disabilities Act, Chd Lawsuit Alleges

Children’s Health Defense and attorney Robert Meltzer of the Mountain States Law Group are suing Boston University on behalf of a student who was suspended for failing to comply with the school’s COVID-19 testing protocol. The lawsuit alleges the university’s testing regimen failed to accommodate the student’s disability.

Nearly Half Of Republicans Think ‘Patriotic Americans’ Will One Day ‘Have To Take The Law Into Their Own Hands’: Poll

More than half of Republicans support the potential use of force to preserve traditional American values and nearly half believe a time will come when “patriotic Americans” will have to take the law into their own hands, according to the results of a George Washington University poll released this week.

Cities seeing the fastest unemployment recovery

WalletHub compared 180 U.S. cities and changes in their unemployment numbers in May of 2021.

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