Mental Well-Being

University Offers Excused Absences for ‘Self-Care’

Northeastern University has started giving students the option to have excused 'self-care' days.

Catholic School Suspends Teen For The Year For Believing God Created Two Genders

A student has reportedly been suspended by a Catholic high school for the remainder of the school year for believing that God created two genders and protesting against transgender students using girls' bathrooms.

Detransitioning Becomes Growing Choice Among Young People After Gender-Affirming Surgery

Luka "Bunny" Hein was in her early teens when confusion about her true gender developed.

Lockdowns Found to Double Risk of Mental Health Symptoms

A group of researchers have conducted an overview of 33 mental health studies of 132,000 people during the first year of the pandemic and found that lockdowns doubled people’s odds of experiencing mental health symptoms.

Boris Johnson Ends COVID Measures in England

“We do not need to pay that cost any longer," said the PM.

Watch Biden’s Transgender Assistant Health Sec: ‘I’m Here to Improve Americans’ Mental Well-Being’

An obese man who claims to be a woman was tasked by President Joe Biden to tend to the mental and physical health of all Americans.

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