New Report Details Millions of Dollars in ‘Lost’ Ukraine Military Aid

A Department of Defense Office of the Inspector General report (OIG) report found that $62.2 million in weapons and military for Ukraine aid have gone missing.

Worker for Maricopa County Elections Arrested After Stealing Security Fob and Keys

A temporary worker has been arrested in Arizona after it was discovered that he stole a key fob at the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center (MCTEC).

House Passes Measure Registering Adult Men for Selective Service

The House of Representatives passed a bill this week automatically registering men age 18 to 26 for selective service.

Biden Appeals to Black Voters in Philadelphia, Criticizes Trump on Handling of George Floyd Protests

President Joe Biden, campaigning in Philadelphia on Wednesday, accused former President Donald Trump of wanting to tear gas those who "peacefully protested" George Floyd's...

Chicago’s Teachers Union Demands $50 Billion More in Funding For Abortions, Illegal Migrant Services

The Chicago Teachers Union is requesting another $50 billion in its contract negotiations for services including free abortions, migrant services, and LGBT training.

Facebook Interfered in U.S. Elections 39 Times Since 2008

MRC Free Speech America researchers uncovered 39 instances of Facebook interfering in U.S. elections since 2008.

Texas National Guardsman Arrested for Smuggling Illegal Immigrants

A National Guardsman has been arrested in Texas for smuggling an undocumented immigrant.

COVID Patients Given Ivermectin Recovered Faster: Study

A U.K. study found that COVID-19 patients who were given ivermectin recovered faster than those who were not given the drug.

Nepal To Begin Requiring Tracking Chips for Mount Everest Climbers

Nepal announced this week that anyone who climbs Mount Everest will be required to carry a GPS tracking chip to assist with rescue and recovery efforts.

Ohio Sees 15,000+ New Concealed Handgun Licenses Despite Permit Law Shift

Ohio saw over 15,000 new concealed handgun licenses issued in 2023, despite the state's cessation of concealed carry permit requirements. Attorney General Dave Yost released...

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