Several Students Sue Officials For Kicking Conservative Chapter Off University Campus

Students involved in the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter at the University at Buffalo (UB) filed a lawsuit against the school’s Student Association for allegedly kicking their chapter off campus after banning groups from taking part in national organizations.

Sen. Paul Proposes Bold Conservative Plan to Tackle National Debt Crisis with Spending Cuts, Fiscal Reforms

"I absolutely will not vote to expand our national debt by $4 trillion," Paul tweeted. "When the Biden-McCarthy debt deal reaches the senate, I will offer a conservative alternative."

Video Suggests Maricopa County Election Officials Reprogrammed Voting Machines

“This evidence would support our allegation that this election was rigged,” said Kari Lake's attorney Kurt Olsen.

Rep. Matt Gaetz Introduces Bill to Fight Fraudulent Campaign Donations

The bill, called the “Put Zombie Donors to Rest Act,” seeks to revise the Internal Revenue Code to necessitate the provision of a billing address and credit verification value (CVV) for all political donations.

High School Postpones Graduation After Only Five Seniors Met Requirements

A Texas High School has postponed its graduation after only a handful of seniors have met the proper requirements. 

LifeWise Academy Integrates Biblical Education in Public Schools

“If we didn’t have LifeWise offered, we wouldn’t be regularly going to church and making God the center of our house," said one mother.

Thousands of Non-Citizens Found on Voter Rolls

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) found that tens of thousands of foreign individuals have been found on voter rolls across the country.

Disney Sues Florida Gov. DeSantis as State Governing Board Voids Media Giant’s Jurisdiction

"Disney was openly and legally granted a unique and special privilege, that privilege of running its own local government," former Florida Supreme Court justice Alan Lawson said. "That era is ending."

Democrats Introduce Bill To Protect ‘LGBTQ’ Illegal Immigrants From Being Detained

Democrats have introduced a bill that gives special privileges to any illegal immigrants who are considered "vulnerable."

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