House Freedom Caucus Threatens to Remove McCarthy Over Debt Deal

The House Freedom Caucus has threatened to file a motion to vacate and remove Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as Speaker if he keeps the debt deal.

Study Reveals COVID-19 Lockdowns, Mandates Did Not Affect Number of Deaths

The study suggested mandates may have prevented infection, but not death.

New York to Rescind COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers

New York officials plan to rescind a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.

Dr. Scott Jensen’s Lawsuit to Counter ‘Weaponization’ of Medical Boards (Watch)

"You could be a hairstylist. And if you have to have your place of business inspected annually or semi-annually, you are potentially going to be exposed to the weaponization of that permitting agency," says Dr. Jensen.

U.S. Faces Drug Shortages Under Biden Administration

“This is, in my opinion, a public health emergency," says professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Meta Faces New Restrictions Amid Allegations of Violating Children’s Privacy Rules

FTC's bureau of consumer protection director Samuel Levine stated, “Facebook has repeatedly violated its privacy promises. The company’s recklessness has put young users at risk, and Facebook needs to answer for its failures.”

No Silence From The Lambs: Jack Hibbs

The time is now for the Church to stand against the censorship tyranny of Big Tech and Big Government.

Masks Ineffective in Preventing COVID Among Children: New Study

The research was conducted in three Finnish cities with similar baseline COVID-19 incidences between August and September 2021: Helsinki, Turku, and Tampere.

Chicago Ordered to Rehire Employees, Compensate Lost Wages Over Vax Mandate by Illinois Judge

The judge's ruling requires the city to "make whole" negatively affected workers.

Bud Light Executive Behind Dylan Mulvaney Transgender Marketing Campaign Takes Leave of Absence

"Woke" Bud Light Vice-President of Marketing Alissa Heinerscheid has taken a leave of absence just weeks after the company was criticized for its partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

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