Pfizer Faces Billions in Losses as COVID Vaccine Demand Declines

As the demand for COVID-19 vaccines begins to wane, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is feeling the pinch.

Disney CEO Bob Iger Says Company is ‘Overwhelmed and Exhausted’ Struggling to Rebuild

Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger has allegedly become “overwhelmed and exhausted” from the struggles of rebuilding his company amid its huge losses.

U.N. Confirms Death of Nine Staff Members in Gaza Airstrikes by Israel

These casualties occurred between Saturday, when Israel commenced bombardments of the area, and Tuesday.

Electric Automaker Reports Over $600 Million in Third Quarter Losses

VinFast to receive largest taxpayer subsidy in North Carolina.

Pope Pushes ‘Obligatory, and Readily Monitored’ Climate Policies

The pope thinks the world is "crumbling and perhaps approaching a breaking point."

CVS to Have Closed 900 Stores by End of 2024

CVS Pharmacy will have closed 900 stores by the end of 2024 as a result of crime.

Biden Admin, U.S. Mainstream Media Lying About Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Seymour Hersh

Despite official narratives, Ukraine's military endeavors are substantially faltering and the Biden administration, along with American media, are perpetuating a contrasting portrayal of the situation on the battlefield.

Trump Vows to Make U.S. #1 Lowest Cost Energy Provider in 2024

On international climate agreements, Trump reaffirmed his stance, declaring he would "once again exit the horrendously unfair Paris Climate Accords" and stand against "the radical left’s Green New Deal policies."

Disney Loses Up to $125 Million per Month After Cable TV Cuts

Spectrum removed all Disney-owned networks from its channel guide, resulting in Disney losing millions per month.

Washington Football Coach Returns After Legal Battle Over Public Prayers

“People are going to freak out that I’m bringing God back into public schools.”

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