Russia Declares Leftist-Funded Greenpeace International ‘Undesirable’ Threat to National Security

Greenpeace is funded by left-wing donor groups such as the Tides Foundation, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, the Oak Foundation, and the Park Foundation.

Colorado Democrats Vote Against Criminalizing Indecent Exposure to Children

More than two dozen Colorado Democrats have voted against making it a felony for anyone to expose themselves to children.

Arizona State Lawmaker Removes, Hides Bibles from Members-Only Lounge

The incident occurred three separate times.

Montana Transgender Lawmaker Censured After ‘Hate-Filled Testimony’

A transgender lawmaker from Montana was censured last week after she was accused of giving a "hate-filled testimony" while debating a bill that would ban transgender medical care for minors.

Gaetz Introduces Resolution Requiring Biden to Give House Information on U.S Military in Ukraine

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) introduced a resolution forcing Biden to give the House documents pertaining to US military assistance in Ukraine.

Arizona House Expels GOP Representative Liz Harris Over Ethics Violations

"If you don't toe the line, this is what happens," Harris said.

Two Tennessee Democrats Expelled from State House After Rallying for Gun Control Laws Following School Shooting

Last Thursday, Representatives Justin Jones, Justin J. Pearson, and Gloria Johnson chanted "No action, no peace" on the House floor during legislative proceedings, forcing them to halt.

Minnesota Advances ‘Trans Refuge’ Bill

Minnesota lawmakers on Thursday advanced legislation that would establish the state as a "trans refuge" for children who are seeking transgender medical procedures but who may be denied "gender-affirming care" in other states.

Fetterman Will ‘Be Back Soon,’ Communication Director Says

Democratic Sen. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania, who checked into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center more than a month ago due to clinical depression, will return "soon," according to communications director Joe Calvello.

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