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Trump Claims ‘TOTAL EXONERATION!’ After Sentencing Delayed, Legal Battle Continues

In light of a recent Supreme Court decision, Donald Trump's attorneys are attempting to overturn his conviction, therefore a New York court has scheduled his sentencing for September.

Matt Walsh Announces ‘Rally To End Child Mutilation’

Daily Wire host and documentarian Matt Walsh isn’t just talking about major issues. He’s taking action. Following his exposé on Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s (VUMC)...

Harvard Creates $100M Reparations Fund to ‘Redress’ University’s Connection to Slavery

Harvard University has announced they are setting up a $100 million fund to redress its ties to slavery in the past.

SCOTUS on Verge of ‘Cataclysmic Political Event’: Alan Dershowitz

While Roe v. Wade has been Supreme Court precedent for 50 years, it is facing its biggest legal test right now, according to constitutional law expert Alan Dershowitz on Newsmax, as Mississippi seeks to move the timetable on abortion restrictions.

Why Hasn’t Federal Vaccine Program Helped Those Whose Lives Have Been Altered by COVID Shot?

It shouldn’t matter that a vaccine injury is “rare,” said vaccine law expert Katharine Van Tassel — “If you’re going to take one for the team, the team has to have your back. That’s a moral imperative.”

Biden’s judicial nominees prove ‘liberal dark money groups’ control his administration: legal expert

A former law clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas has alleged that President Joe Biden’s newly released list of judicial nominees proves that he's letting “liberal dark money groups” control his administration.

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