Lauren Boebert

Republicans Who Chose Not to Stand With Biden, McCarthy Debt Ceiling Agreement

Over three dozen House Republicans have decided to not side with Kevin McCarthy and his debt ceiling bill.

Lauren Boebert Blasts John Fetterman’s Very Casual Attire

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert slammed Sen. John Fetterman’s apparel last week as the congressman was spotted in a hoodie and basketball shorts during a Senate press conference.

Whole Foods’ San Francisco Store Closed After Only One Year Amid City’s Crime, Drug Problem

"To ensure the safety of our Team Members, we have made the difficult decision to close the Trinity store for the time being," a company spokesperson said.

House GOP Pass ‘Parents Bill of Rights’ Emphasizing Parental Rights in the Classroom

House Republicans have passed an education bill called the "Parents Bill of Rights" which emphasizes parental rights in the classroom, but it is unlikely that the Democratic-controlled Senate will take up the measure.

Biden Visits, Pledges Another $500 Million to Ukraine—Ignores Ohio Train Disaster

"I am meeting with President Zelenskyy and his team for an extended discussion on our support for Ukraine," Biden said on Monday.

Rep. Boebert’s New Bill Blocks Federal Funding to Planned Parenthood

"We need to protect the sanctity of life in this country. To all those marching at the March For Life, let’s rally behind this bill and get it done!" Boebert said.

Lauren Boebert Wins Seat on House Committee on Oversight and Accountability

"As an advocate for transparency and reform, I will pursue the truth, conduct effective oversight, and fight to root out waste, fraud, and abuse throughout the federal government," the Colorado rep said.

Boebert Pushes Back Against Trump’s Endorsement of McCarthy (Video)

Boebert tells Trump to call McCarthy and tell him "it's time to withdraw."

McCarthy Has Lost All 6 Voting Rounds for House Speaker

Twenty Republicans refuse to vote for McCarthy on fourth ballot for House Speaker.

McCarthy Defeated in First, Second, Third Ballots in House Speaker Race

Strong opposition from pro-Trump 'Freedom Caucus.'

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