The Obedient, the Brainless, and the Woking Dead

Being “woke” must be exhausting. If I had worn a t-shirt five years ago that read “All Lives Matter,” I would have taken first place...

Wokeness Is Going to Kill Democrats in National Elections

Let’s take a break from our chaotic exit from Afghanistan, the crappy jobs report that’s coming, the rising inflation, and Joe Biden’s dementia to circle back to the 2020 census data.

Just weeks after removing a ‘racist’ rock from campus, University of Wisconsin-Madison set to host ‘Welcome BBQ’ for only students of color

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is set to host a "Welcome BBQ" that is reportedly only intended for students of color, The College Fix reports.

Judge says law banning illegal re-entry into U.S. is ‘racist’

'Disparately' impacts 'Latinx,' Obama appointee claims, despite no 'data'

Oregon governor signs bill removing reading, writing, & math requirements for high school kids, to help ‘students of color’

Oregon Governor Kate Brown quietly signed a bill last month that removed the requirement for graduating high school children in the state to be proficient in reading, writing, and math, in an effort to aid “students of color.”

Illinois School District Violates Civil Rights Law, Calls It “Equity”

According to a lawsuit filed by the Southeastern Legal Foundation on behalf of teacher Stacy Deemar, the Evanston/Skokie School District 65 in northern Illinois has been forcing its teachers and students to engage in programming that discriminates against individuals on the basis of race in violation of both federal civil rights law and the U.S. Constitution.

Immigrant congressman SLAMS Biden’s use of ‘latinx,’ calls insinuation that all latinos are illegal immigrants ‘racist’

Florida Republican Congressman Carlos Gimenez on Saturday slammed President Joe Biden’s Thursday speech in which he used the term "latinx" to describe Latin-Americans, as well as insinuate that all Latin-Americans were illegal immigrants, calling his comments "racist."

Minnesota teen issues critical op-ed denouncing use of Latinx

In a winning editorial piece written for The Learning Network's Eighth Annual Student Editorial Contest, one Minnesota teen slammed the use of the term Latinx, a term he calls "problematic."

Don’t Call Me “Latinx”: Only 1% Of Surveyed Hispanics Prefer Far-Left’s Gender-Neutral Moniker.

A nation-wide poll of Hispanic Americans discovered that only an extreme minority believe that “immigration, race relations and education” are pressing issues and that “Latinx” is a term they would apply to themselves.

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