When Asked ‘What Are Your Pronouns,’ Don’t Answer: WSJ

A seemingly innocuous question masks a demand for conformity with a regressive set of ideas.

CNN President Zucker Resigns After Relationship With Co-worker Exposed

CNN president leaves news org abruptly.

U.S. Loses 301,000 Private Jobs in January Under Biden Economy

The worst monthly showing since 2020, according to Forbes.

Canadian Truckers Demand to Face Trudeau Who Has Fled to Undisclosed Location Due to Trucking Convoy

Canadians plan to go big before they go home: Truckers and other vaccine mandate objectors converge on the nation’s capital and demand to see a conspicuously absent Justin Trudeau.

Pfizer, FDA Ask Court to Further Delay Release of COVID Vaccine Safety Data

Days prior to today’s scheduled release of documents related to the Pfizer COVID vaccine, the pharmaceutical company asked a federal court to let it intervene before any information is released. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it agreed with the drugmaker’s request.

Should you Homeschool?

There’s been an explosion in the popularity of homeschooling over the last two years. Here’s why, and how you can get started with homeschooling

Judge Ends Deal for Offshore Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

District of Columbia axes drilling on 80 million acres saying that environmental impacts were incorrectly calculated.

George Soros Donates $125 Million to Democrats Before November Midterms

Left-wing billionaire and Democrat donor George Soros has reportedly fueled Democrats with $125 million through a super PAC heading into the November midterms.

Planned Parenthood Drops Case Against Lubbock, Texas Over Pro-Life Law

Planned Parenthood has voluntarily dropped a lawsuit against a Texas city over its abortion sanction that was approved by voters.

Canadian Freedom Convoy Now 43 Miles Long With Tens of Thousands of Participants

Canadian truckers create the largest convoy on record stretching more than 40 miles and containing tens of thousands of trucks.

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