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Iowa Republican Caucus Scheduled for January 15

The Republican Party of Iowa scheduled its first-in-the-nation caucus this weekend set for January 15, 2024.

Trump Calls DeSantis a ‘RINO GLOBALIST’

Trump wrote on Truth Social, "The real Ron is a RINO GLOBALIST, who closed quickly down Florida and even its beaches. Loved the Vaccines and wasted big money on 'Testing.' How quickly people forget!"

See Ya ’Round, Liz

Bush Republicanism, that zombie political persuasion which in its heyday did for the GOP and the conservative movement what Jimmy Carter and Mike Dukakis did for the Democrats, might not quite be dead.

Soros Prosecutor Kim Gardner Admits Wrongdoing Against Senate Candidate Eric Greitens

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner – who is funded by George Soros – admitted wrongdoing on Monday in her handling of the prosecution of former Missouri Governor and now-Senate candidate Eric Greitens.

Rep. Cawthorn Calls Zelenskyy a ‘Thug,’ Ukrainian Government ‘Evil’

North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn said that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is a "thug" and the Ukrainian government is "evil" in a recent video.

GOP Bounces to Historic Lead on 2022 Ballot in New Poll

It's still brutal out there for President Biden, according to the latest tranche of public polling, some of which  Rebecca covered yesterday.

Trump becomes most vocal ex-president since Teddy Roosevelt: Over 400 statements since WH exit

As the chaos in Afghanistan unfolded, people around the world were clamoring to hear from President Biden, who was on vacation at Camp David.

WATCH: Americans may regret coronavirus stimulus checks: Karl Rove

Rove reacted to Biden signing the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill on Thursday afternoon.

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