NH Legislature Sends Transgender Athlete Ban to Governor’s Desk

A bill from New Hampshire is on its way to the governor's desk that would prohibit transgender athletes in grades 5 through 12 from...

New Hampshire Teacher Fired After Taking Student To Abortion Clinic During School Hours

A public school teacher in New Hampshire was fired after secretly taking a student to get an abortion during school hours, the state's Department of Education reported.

Court Rules COVID Vaccine Does Not Qualify Under Traditional Medical Definitions

The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has ruled that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines do not qualify as vaccines under traditional medical definitions.

Trump Campaign Raised $400 Million Since Conviction

Donald Trump's campaign has raised $400 million since his guilty verdict, Trump said during an event in Arizona.

Colonial Pastors Who Influenced American Government – American Minute with Bill Federer

A descendant of Protestant Reformer John Knox, Witherspoon was educated at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and afterwards served as a Presbyterian pastor. His writings brought him to the attention...

Pope Francis Appoints Three Pro-LGBT Prelates to Vatican Doctrinal Office

Pope Francis appointed three prelates known for their pro-LGBT views to the Vatican’s doctrinal office over the weekend.

Billionaire CEO Claims ‘Nobody Wants to do Business in NYC’

Billionaire CEO John Catsimatidis said Friday that no one wants to do business in New York City anymore following the Donald Trump conviction.

Hillary Clinton Condemned After Pushing ‘She Was Right’ Merchandise Following Trump Verdict

Hillary Clinton received backlash online after she pushed “She was Right” merchandise on her social media account following former President Donald Trump's conviction.

Former Vice President Pence Says Trump Conviction is ‘Disservice to the Nation’

Former Vice President Mike Pence said a "terrible message" has been sent following the Donald Trump guilty verdict.

Trump Slams Biden Administration, Says U.S. Becoming ‘Fascist State’

Former President Donald Trump delivered a speech at Trump Tower on Friday, the morning after becoming the first U.S. president to be criminally convicted...

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