Joseph Kennedy

Americans Favor Praying Football Coaches

New survey indicates most Americans support prayer from coaches.

Supreme Court Upholds Football Coach’s Right to Pray

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday expanded the religious rights of government employees by ruling in favor of a Christian former public high school...

Five Biggest Supreme Court Cases to Watch

The U.S. Supreme Court tends to issue its biggest decisions in June.

U.S. Supreme Court Conservatives Lean Toward Football Coach in Prayer Case

U.S. Supreme Court signals it would side with Christian former high school football coach who refused to stop leading prayers with players on the field.

Supreme Court to Hear Religious Liberty Case Over High School Coach’s On-Field Prayers

Joseph Kennedy likes to think of himself as a "big brother" of sorts to the many students he has mentored over the years as a high school football coach.

Football Coach Who Was Fired For Praying After Games To Take Case To Supreme Court

A football coach from Washington State who was fired for praying after games reportedly is taking his case to the United States Supreme Court.

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