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Thanksgiving Lessons

Thursday, if you eat a nice meal, thank the Pilgrims. They made Thanksgiving possible.

Buffalo Killer Wasn’t Conservative, Also Despised Fox News, Greg Gutfeld, Ben Shapiro, Rupert Murdoch

Suspect openly hated all the conservatives the media wants to blame as a motivation for the crime.

John Stossel – No, They Cant: Why Government Fails

Facebook Just Admitted in Court That its ‘Fact-Checks’ Are Just Third Party ‘Opinions’

Facebook (aka “Meta”) has admitted in court that the “fact-checks” used by the site to blacklist non-corporate media content are actually opinion-based labels which do not conduct any real fact-checking of information posted to the site. The evidence was revealed during the court proceeding for a defamation case filed by John Stossel.

Socialism Always Leads to Violence

The Right To BEAR Arms

Coronavirus Cans the Bag Ban

Workers Pay for Privileged Students

Classic Stossel: Green Tyranny Propaganda

(John Stossel) “There may be no alternative, but to cancel Christmas!” threatens Santa in a Greenpeace video on Global Warming.

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