Javad Zarif

As Bennett meets Biden, IDF ramps up plans for strike on Iran’s nuke program

Military, defense minister believe a credible threat of an Israeli attack on Tehran’s nuclear facilities is only way US will be able to negotiate better deal with Islamic Republic

Oil Climbs As Blinken Says “Hundreds Of Sanctions” On Iran To Remain

After earlier this week US Secretary of State Antony Blinken somewhat pessimistically portrayed that it remains "unclear" whether Iran is actually willing to restore the nuclear deal, prompting angry words from Foreign Minister Javad Zarif who again pointed out that it's only Washington not in compliance due to Trump-era sanctions which the Biden White House refused to "bury" in order to make a renewed deal possible, Blinken's newest statements are pouring more cold water on all the recent speculation that prematurely hailed a Vienna agreement as imminent.

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